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May 1, 2015

Throughout the past several years, we've forged new relationships with collaborators and have expanded our research horizon to include a Montana state-wide bighorn sheep initiative (MTBI) funded by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. We strongly believe that this new collaboration will help to improve our understanding of bighorn ecology, disease, and population dynamics that we hope will ensure Montana's bighorn populations are managed with the best-available science. Additionally, we hope to use both the MTBI and the greater Yellowstone mountain ungulate project (GYA MUP) as comparative studies to increase our knowledge of mountain ungulate ecology in multiple and diverse ecological settings. The new website was developed to incorporate this new project, as well as update content for the greater Yellowstone area mountain ungulate project. Some of the recent happenings include:

  • ​the welcoming of Blake Lowrey to the project. Blake is a Ph.D. student tackling the telemetry and spatial ecology studies on the GYA MUP. He has overseen the deployment of 142 bighorn sheep and 50 mountain goat VHF/GPS collars throughout the GYA.
  • the completion of this season's capture operations throughout the state of Montana as part of the MTBI and Carson Butler's Ph.D. program. Carson has overseen the capture of 192 bighorn sheep for health samples and VHF/GPS instrumentation from 6 herds across Montana.
  • the successful defense of Jesse DeVoe's Masters thesis in February. He used three summer seasons of field observations of mountain goats to model associations of mountain goats and their habitat, and to predict mountain goat range expansion and abundance throughout the GYA. 

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