Research Interests

I am broadly interested in wildlife ecology and conservation, and the ecological processes that drive natural systems.  I work collaboratively to develop research questions and tools that will enhance our understanding of wildlife and support applied management efforts.

I received a M.S. from the University of Montana, where I focused on cougar foraging ecology in western Colorado, specifically examining individual dietary specialization, and ex situ estimates of predation.  My current work on mountain ungulates in the Greater Yellowstone Area combines my personal passion for Wilderness and mountains, with the need to enhance our basic understanding of thesis iconic species and also employ novel tools to augment management efforts.  Using GPS data from 230 bighorn sheep and 50 mountain goats I am examining seasonal resource selection and movement strategies, niche overlap between sympatric populations, and testing the link between heterogeneity in seasonal movement strategies and robust herd demographics. 

Additional information regarding my PhD research is linked here. 

Blake Lowrey

Ecology Department - Montana State University
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