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Ongoing telemetry studies across the GYA are being used to understand seasonal resource selection and movement strategies, intraguild competition, and survival.

What are the tractories of bighorn sheep and mountain goat populations in the GYA? We dive in to the data to find out.

Using new and rigorous methods to understand habitat selection and expansion of the non-native, invading mountain goat.

Annual and regional climate factors may impact recruitment of bighorn sheep across the GYA.

Combining historic observations of mountain goats and bighorn sheep obtained from regional biologists to see what we can learn from data we already have.


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Science for Applied Management

​​Through significant collaboration and funding, the Mountain Ungulate Project is undertaking a large-scale, multi-faceted research approach to study various ecological attributes of bighorn sheep and mountain goats across the entire Yellowstone ecosystem.

Our primary intent is to develop a long-term study that will provide agencies responsible for managing these mountain ungulates with a suite of science-based information. Considerable information on mountain ungulate habitat, population dynamics, movements, and climate impacts is lacking in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem. Through the various science research outlined here, this project intends to reveal and unravel complex and important ecological questions regarding mountain ungulates that may be of value to their long-term conservation and management.

We hope that these science pages provide you with an interactive and easily accessible experience to learn more about the array of research being tackled by the Greater Yellowstone Area Mountain Ungulate Project:

Mountain Ungulate Project

Greater Yellowstone Area