• ​​Collaborator's Reports

​               2011 Annual Report (PDF 8.9 MB) - Includes the following:

                         Integrated Databases (PDF 1.3 MB)

​                         Population Trends (PDF 1.1 MB)

​​                         Age Ratio Dynamics (PDF 1.7 MB)

​                         Occupancy Studies (PDF 1.4 MB)

​                         Telemetry Studies (PDF 2.1 MB)

               2010 Annual Report (PDF 12.6 MB)

  • Presentations

​             Occupancy Habitat Modeling of Mountain Goats (Jesse DeVoe's M.Sc. Defense - February 2015)

                    - Presentation Slides (PDF 21.2 MB w/ embedded notes)

                    - Video Presentation (YouTube link)

​               The Greater Yellowstone Area Mountain Ungulate Project - An overview of the project (PDF 10.2 MB w/ embedded notes - Bighorn Sheep Working Group, Cody, WY 2014)

               Correlating Respiratory Pathogens and Demographic Attributes: A Collaborative Effort (PDF 1.8 MB w/ embedded notes - Northern Wild Sheep and Goat Council Biennial Symposium, Fort Collins, 2014) 

               Climatic Variation and Age Ratios of Bighorn Sheep and Mountain Goats in the GYA (PDF 4.7 MB - The Wildlife Society - Montana Chapter Conference 2012)

               Population Trends of Bighorn Sheep and Mountain Goats in the GYA (PDF 1.7 MB - The Wildlife Society - Montana Chapter Conference 2012) 

  • In the Media

               ​​"Palisades mountain goat herd studies continue near Alpine" by Dan Dockstader (Star Valley Independent - April 2015)

               ​​"Biologists study canyon goat herd" by Mike Koshmrl (Jackson Hole News & Guide - April 2015)

​              "Biologists keep tabs on collared bighorn sheep, mountain goats" by Liz Kearney (Livingston Enterprise - Sept 2014)

               "Unintended Consequences" by Mike Edwards (The Wyoming Connection - Summer 2014)

              "Bully Goats?" by Jack Ballard (FWP Montana Outdoors - July-August 2014)

              "Goats a worry in bighorn territory" by Cory Hatch (Jackson Hole News & Guide - Feb 2012)

              "Getting their goats" by Rob Thornberry (Post Register - Sept. 2011)

  • Newsletters

​               Wyoming Game and Fish Department - March 2015 Newsletter (PDF 232 KB)​      

              Wyoming Game and Fish Department Wildlife Disease Lab - March 2014 Newsletter (PDF 1 MB) 

​              Occupancy Season Summary 2013 (PDF 2.4 MB)​               

              Occupancy Season Summary 2012 (PDF 7.8 MB)


  • Publications

​DeVoe, J. D., R. A. Garrott, J. J. Rotella, S. R. Challender, P. J. White, M. O'Reilly, and C. J. Butler. 2015. Summer range occupancy modeling of non-native mountain goats in the greater Yellowstone area. Ecosphere 6:1-20.​

​​Lowrey, B., R. A. Garrott, H. M. Miyasaki, G. Fralick, and S. R. Dewey. 2017. Seasonal resource selection by introduced mountain goats in the southwest Greater Yellowstone Area. Ecosphere 8:e01769-n/a.

Mountain Ungulate Project

Greater Yellowstone Area 

What are the tractories of bighorn sheep and mountain goat populations in the GYA? We dive in to the data to find out.

Using new and rigorous methods to understand habitat selection and expansion of the non-native, invading mountain goat.

Annual and regional climate factors may impact recruitment of bighorn sheep across the GYA.

Combining historic observations of mountain goats and bighorn sheep obtained from regional biologists to see what we can learn from data we already have.


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Ongoing telemetry studies across the GYA are being used to understand population vital rates and dynamics, spatial ecology, and competition.