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​​Flesch, E. P., and J. J. Belt. 2017. Comparing citizen science and professional data to evaluate extrapolated mountain goat distribution models. Ecosphere 8:e01638.

Flesch, E. P., R. A. Garrott, P. J. White, D. Brimeyer, A. B. Courtemanch, J. A. Cunningham, S. R. Dewey, G. L. Fralick, K. Loveless, D. E. McWhirter, H. Miyasaki, A. Pils, M. A. Sawaya, and S. T. Stewart. 2016. Range expansion and population growth of non-native mountain goats in the Greater Yellowstone Area: Challenges for management. Wildlife Society Bulletin 40:241–250.

Elizabeth Flesch